Youngstown-Phoenix Aluminum Extrusion Dies utilizes state-of-the-art technology and equipment including:

  • CNC wire EDMs with 5axis capabilities
  • CNC Lathes with integrated programming technologies
  • Automated CNC Machining Cells
  • In-house Vacuum Heat Treating
  • Nitride services using Nitrex technology
  • The most advanced 3D Design, Modeling and Programming technologies
  • Full and Quick Extrusion simulations using our own proprietary extrusion simulation systems


At Youngstown-Phoenix, we continuously adopt the most advanced manufacturing equipment and processes in the industry.

We invest in state-of-the-art systems to ensure repeatability and continuous improvement in design and integrate global manufacturing systems within our facility to stay on the leading edge of production. We also employ material tracking systems to guarantee an extended life cycle of our products based on strict standards of evaluation.

In doing so, we guarantee that each of our consumers will receive an exceptionally high-quality product they can depend on.


We take pride in our ability to make cutting-edge technological advancements in the engineering field and continuously expand our company’s reach. Our new 70,000 sq. ft facility is equipped with system upgrades including new CNC milling and turning machines, EDM Wire and Sinker machines, Vacuum heat treatment equipment, and an on-site training facility.

We continue to be global leaders through the development of extrusion simulation technology and by employing extrusion and die correction experts.

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